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Georgia on my mind – Tbilisi, 2006 – #3

October 16, 2016


Tbilisi, Georgia – October 16, 2006

It’s 4am here, and I must go to bed, but first a few more impressions, because tomorrow there will be new ones, and I don’t want to miss out on capturing a single detail. I’m looking forward to some private time that doesn’t cut into my 8 hours at night in the hotel room after dinner and before the noon pickup.

There are two main things that left an impression.  When Ylena was driving us around today (oh it was such a long day – somehow I’ll have to start at the beginning).

I got up at 9am, because some noise in the hall woke me, and I decided not to go back to sleep because there was free breakfast waiting in the restaurant downstairs where I ate lunch yesterday.  Part of the hotel deal.  So, I got down there by 10:15am.

Yes, it’s 8 hours difference from NYC.  Oh, dear, I’m going to have to go to sleep.  Ahh! There’s so much to say that I don’t want to forget.

The breakfast was fantastic. First they brought me a yogurt in a Yoplait-type container. Only there weren’t any words on the packaging with our alphabet. And there was a picture of what looked like clusters of blueberries, but the leaves weren’t blueberry leaves. They were kind of lacy. They brought a big basket of the bread.  (Oh, no, this is going to take way too long to tell – I wish I had a few leisurely hours.)  And what looked like a dish of preserves of some kind.  A very dark color.  Maybe plum.  Then came a pitcher of orange juice, a plate of long thin dumpling-like items with string cheese in the middle, eggs over easy.  Oh!  And a plate of little cheeses.  The kind that come in the little triangles in foil, that you have to unwrap individually.

Ron had advised me – because our per diem is so minimal – to take the bread and cheese from the free breakfast and make cheese sandwiches to put in your bag for lunch.  Because there’s so much cheese and so much bread and it’s all yummy.  The bread is flat and round which is great because it’s really crusty.  Every bite has chewy crust, and the middle section is doughy.  I must go to sleep.   Must. Must. Must.

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